Episode 16 – Karen Cornwell

In this episode, Jen connects with Karen Cornwell. Karen is on a lifelong quest to improve innovation and drive top-line growth for Technology Companies. Her experience includes Product Management, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Account Management and Business Development with some of the largest technology brands in the world.

Karen Cornwell is an award-winning speaker and storyteller, that masterfully uses knowledge and humor, to get audiences to “see” how they can capitalize on differences to drive innovation and develop meaningful products while watching their employee engagement spiral upwards.

Karen has founded two companies. ConsultCornwell drives innovation and revenue generation by creating a strategic customer-centric product vision with your team, then guides the team to create the tools needed to secure clients. AttunoVation drives innovation by changing the company from the inside out. It allows leaders to understand and leverage diversity; while engaging, energizing and empowering employees to excel.

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Company Website