Episode 14 – Mona Andrei

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Mona Andrei is a Montreal-based writer who loves to tell stories. She is an Author / Speaker / Communication Specialist / Brand, Content & Engagement Strategist  
She is the author of Super Woman: A Funny and Reflective Look at Single Motherhood, which will be released on Amazon.com on March 8, 2021

Her personal blog has been listed as a top 100 humor blog. She’s worked on industry-award winning digital marketing projects as a copywriter.

She is also a ghostrwriter/collaborator who works with industry leaders and influencers who want to make a difference in the world and have a message to share.

Mona’s writing has appeared in numerous online and print publications, including Chatelaine Magazine, Westmount Magazine, Muscle Mag, Urban Expressions, Emerge Woman Magazine, Womenz Straight Talk, among others.

You can find Mona’s Humor Blog:  www.moxie-dude.com
Her Speaker Website is:  www.monaandrei.com