What Dancing Taught Me About Running A Successful Business

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The book “What Dancing Taught Me About Running a Successful Business” is a custom manual for business owners who have not answered the questions critical to a successful business. Why am I doing this, What is my business, How do I do it? I would recommend this to any business owner (It’s really well suited for auto shop owners).

Bill Greeno

Quality Automotive Servicing

Hi Jennifer! My apologies for my delayed response!! But, yes, we loved your book! It was especially great for me, having just spent a weekend with you, I could literally hear you speaking as I read it 🙂 I also really enjoyed the analogies you created between dance and auto repair, such great material to use in our day to day discussions with customers. In fact, I heard Gary actually use the analogy of dancing and timing to explain timing of an engine to a customer…. that’s a huge win!! Even for some of the techs who struggled in the idea of reading a book, once they got into it and we got into discussions, they all were chiming in with examples. Overall I think the book and our meetings after each chapter gave us a good outlook on what we have been doing that is great and how we can better our team. I loved it and truly appreciate your insight! Thank you for that!!

Jamie Millard

Quality Automotive Servicing
Customer Communications

“Looking for the secrets to business success? This fast-moving, game-changing book teaches you how to gracefully glide through your toughest business challenges. With an open heart and unrelenting joy, Jennifer shares a winning formula that works in life, on the dance floor, and in business.”

Vania Clark Butler

Business Coach
10x Entrepreneur
Global Thought Leader

This book will be one that I go back and read several times throughout my life. It is filled with wit and wisdom and arms the reader with a set of unique insights and tools for business management and personal development. It is a coaching gem, and Jennifer Filzen’s infectious effervescence leaps out of the pages of this book and into your mind and soul. You feel invincible after a couple of chapters. Prepare to be changed.

Cofield Mundi

International Singer and Songwriter from South Africa / Edge Entertainment, Director

What Dancing Taught Me About Running A Successful Business



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