Episode 062 – Tersh Blissett


Episode 062 – Tersh Blissett

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Shaping the future of the home service industry, Tersh Blissett stands out as a pioneering founder of the Service Business Mastery podcast and a recognized visionary among the Top 40 Under 40 in the HVAC-R sector. Alongside co-host Josh, Tersh has grown the podcast since 2017 into an invaluable resource for over 160,000 monthly listeners, providing key insights into business excellence and leadership. His entrepreneurial spirit has given rise to ventures such as Service Emperor and TriStar, both setting standards in customer service in Savannah, GA. Bolstered by his personal achievements and steadfast commitment to elevate the industry, Tersh’s journey exemplifies the synergy between innovation and gratitude in professional success.

To learn more about Tersh’s businesses based in Savanna, Georgia, visit the following websites: