Episode 058 – Carol Carnes

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen: Carol Carnes

Episode 058 – Carol Carnes

Reverend Dr. Carol Carnes is a reputable and accomplished author and spiritual thought leader. As an esteemed professional in her field, Reverend Dr. Carnes has established herself as a renowned speaker, author, and spiritual counselor, making a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals.

With her unique blend of wisdom, compassion, and practical guidance, she offers insights and tools to help others achieve personal growth, spiritual fulfillment, and a deeper understanding of their own inherent power. Whether through her engaging talks, transformative workshops, or insightful writings, Dr. Carnes empowers and inspires individuals to live a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

She is the author of three books:

  • Skylark, by Carol Carnes, published by Lulu
  • The Way In, by Carol Carnes, published by Lulu
  • Emerson & New Thought, by Carol Carnes, published by Devors

By visiting her website, readers and viewers can gain access to a wealth of valuable resources and information that can support them on their personal and spiritual journeys.

Visit Reverend Dr. Carol Carnes’ website: www.carol-carnes.com

Contact Reverend Carol Carnes for her Zoom classes: carolcarnes7@gmail.com