Episode 061 – Mindy Gulati


Episode 061 – Mindy Gulati

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Jennifer’s guest is Mindy Gulati, founder and CEO of Fundamental Advisory, a consulting firm focused on advising businesses, law firms, state and local governments, and nonprofits, on issues related to Culture, Leadership, and Strategy.

Using her expertise and personal approach, she designs and executes strategic plans, drafts policies and procedures, serves as a close advisor to executives and their teams and creates custom workshops for a wide range of organizations around the country.

Her focus is building thriving and innovative cultures, strategy for equity and inclusion, anti racism, bias awareness, providing foundational leadership guidance and support, executive coaching, educating on the ethical implications of bias, as well as guiding organizations on legal issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination.

To contact Mindy, see her contact information below:
Email:  mindy@fundamentaladvisory.com
Cell:  714-362-5594
Connect with Mindy Gulati on LinkedIn.
Website:  www.fundamentaladvisory.com

Episode 060 – Erica Leonor

Erica Leonor - Connecting with Jennifer Filzen

Episode 060 – Erica Leonor

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Hey, it’s our 60th episode! And in this episode, Jen talks with Erica Leonor. Erica is the Business Development Director for GoodLeap LLC. She is a Customer Service & Financing Options Trainer in the HVAC Industry.

Erica Leonor brings a rich background in professional training and coaching to her role as an instructor. With expertise in customer service, coaching, and motivational speaking, she leads with confidence and teaches with clarity. Her academic foundation in Anthropology from Brigham Young University – Hawaii underpins her strong commitment to community and social services.

Learn more about Erica: https://goodleap.com/ 
Email — eleonor@goodleap.com 
LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/erica-leonor-life/
Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/ericaleonorlife/
Women in HVACR — https://www.womeninhvacr.org/webapp/p/517/erica-leonor

Episode 059 – Matt Michel


Episode 059 – Matt Michel

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Jennifer connects with Matt Michel. Matt is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and rancher at Ranchlands of Texas LLC.

Matt can be contacted by the following:

Email:  mattmichel@mail.com
Mobile:  214-995-8889
LinkedIn Profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattmichel/
Facebook Profile:  https://www.facebook.com/MattMichelPage




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Episode 058 – Carol Carnes

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen: Carol Carnes

Episode 058 – Carol Carnes

Reverend Dr. Carol Carnes is a reputable and accomplished author and spiritual thought leader. As an esteemed professional in her field, Reverend Dr. Carnes has established herself as a renowned speaker, author, and spiritual counselor, making a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals.

With her unique blend of wisdom, compassion, and practical guidance, she offers insights and tools to help others achieve personal growth, spiritual fulfillment, and a deeper understanding of their own inherent power. Whether through her engaging talks, transformative workshops, or insightful writings, Dr. Carnes empowers and inspires individuals to live a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

She is the author of three books:

  • Skylark, by Carol Carnes, published by Lulu
  • The Way In, by Carol Carnes, published by Lulu
  • Emerson & New Thought, by Carol Carnes, published by Devors

By visiting her website, readers and viewers can gain access to a wealth of valuable resources and information that can support them on their personal and spiritual journeys.

Visit Reverend Dr. Carol Carnes’ website: www.carol-carnes.com

Contact Reverend Carol Carnes for her Zoom classes: carolcarnes7@gmail.com

Episode 057 – Gary Gunn

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen: Gary Gunn

Jen connects with Gary Gunn of Auto Shop Showcase. Gary is a business coach who works with auto repair shop owners.

You can learn more about Gary by visiting his website AutoShopShowcase.com. Be sure to find Gary at his social media channels:
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/@Showcase-GaryGunn
Facebook link:  https://www.facebook.com/showcasegarygunn

And, you can reach Gary by phone or email:
Cell:  270-282-1262
Email: garygunn@autoshopshowcase.com

Episode 056 – Sara Fraser

Sara Fraser - Connecting with Jennifer Filzen episode 56

In this episode, Jen connects with Sara Fraser of Haas Performance Consulting in Madison, Wisconsin. Sara is the VP of Business Development and Client Services at Haas Performance Consulting.  Haas Performance Consulting provides coaching for independent automotive repair shops. Sara provides marketing and social media marketing services. She also creates strategies to assist in hiring automotive technicians and service advisors for independent auto repair shops. Sara will be at upcoming automotive industry shows like AAPEX, ASTE, and VISION.

To learn more Sara and Haas Performance Consulting, visit https://www.haasperformanceconsulting.com/

To contact Sara, you can reach her via email at sfraser0815@gmail.com.

Episode 053 – Tyller Williamson

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen - 053 - Tyller Williamson

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Tyller Williamson is a Monterey City Council Member in Monterey, CA. Tyler grew up in a military family; his mom served in the Navy for 20 years. For the past 12 years, Tyler has worked at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) as a human resources specialist.

Tyler is a graduate from Cal State Monterey Bay, where he focused on Human Communication and Pre-Law. He is inspired by the other local graduates motivated to make Monterey a better place for all to live.

Tyler has been serving the city of Monterey as a council member since 2018. He is currently running for Monterey Mayor. You can learn more at his website: https://tyllerformonterey.org/

Episode 052 – James Cole

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen - 052 - James Cole

Episode 052 – James Cole

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Jennifer connects with James Cole of CoAuto in Reno, Nevada. James is the Lead Service Advisor for the company. You can learn more about their business by visiting their website: https://coautonv.com/